Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Dig - Week One

We have just finished our first week with The Dig for Kids.  We decided to do this study with the whole family and we are thoroughly enjoying it!

We are using the New International Readers Version of the Bible for our readings and memory verses.

Our first day we went to a local cafe and sat in the sun.  It was one of the first beautiful days of Spring and we just HAD to get out!  :-)

We did a bit of brainstorming with the children and decided to start Treasure Books.  I got each of the children an A5 visual art diary from the Reject Shop and they decorated them with stick on jewels.

Inside the front cover we have our map of Israel and, on the next page, our first memory verse.

They now adorn the mantel piece above the fireplace in our dining room.  This is where we do most of our studies and school bookwork.

Each day something is added to remind us of our treasure and how we can display it to the world.  It could be a drawing, colouring picture or simply a word.  We may include photos and other mementos we dig up along the way.  I also resize the Oasis Activity before printing it out so it can be glued into their books.

Naomi, age 4 - a rainbow to remind us God keeps His promises, and the word 'Patience' - self explanatory!

Jeremiah, age 6 - Owl, to remind us to live wisely.
Elijah, age 8 - Spreading the word about Jesus.
A dove to remind us that we have the Holy Spirit.

The children get a special sticker on their memory verse page if they can recite it on Oasis Day.  All of them got their sticker today.  Even 2 year old Abigail.  Okay, she didn't get the memory verse correct, but she got the general idea (read - she remembered a word here and there).  ;-)  I was also a bit chuffed that the children were able to answer the Oasis questions without much prompting.

I'm hoping over the next nine weeks the children's drawings or mementos become more detailed and thought-out, and that we can continue this idea beyond The Dig.

Now, all of these photos look nice and cheery and like everything went perfectly.  I'm sorry to say, it did not.  Six children aged 8 down to 1 who have had a number of full, long days in succession, being taught by two tired adults whose patience is wearing thin...well, you can imagine.  In fact, by the time we got to about lesson 4, I was almost ready to quit!  I confess, I did not react well and needed to apologise to my children.  It actually made a pretty good object lesson as we happened to be talking about repentance the next day; but I wouldn't recommend it!

Ruth, from The Dig for Kids, has some great ideas to help your time together run smoothly.  In addition, we are finding if we give each child something specific to listen for, they are able to focus a little better.  (Making sure the baby has something to nibble on, a toy to throw about and a dummy within reach helps too!)

Only by His grace,

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  1. Oh Amanda I LOVE this! We would love for you to write a post for The Dig for Kids sharing your great ideas! If you are interested email Christinwrites at gmail dot com. So glad your family is enjoying the study. I pray it is a blessing to you all. ~Ruth Schwenk