Monday, August 16, 2010


I know I said I'd try and update regularly, but the internet was disconnected the day after I posted that and, due to problems getting the phone connected, we have only just got it back today. 

And I'm so excited I just had to drop in and post something!  ;)

Only by His grace,

Monday, August 2, 2010

The white house

We spent some time on Friday and Saturday this past week doing some work at the new place.

Okay, from these photos it looks like I did nothing. ;)  I was in charge of supervising the children that weren't helping Daddy create a mountain in the yard; and I also vacuumed the floors...a number of times!  This house has been vacant for some time and the carpets have layers of dust.  I vacuumed one room twice and both times the canister was full.  The third time it was about a quarter full.  Suffices to say, they will be subject to a bit more beating yet ;)

Our aim is to take some packed boxes over to the "White House" each time we go so we can minimise what needs to be moved when we take the furniture on Saturday.  I'll probably spend at least some of tomorrow there with my scrubbing brush and disinfectant, and I'm praying we can complete the things that are most important to be finished before we move in by Friday.

I will try and update regularly this week as we progress.

And to explain - From the first time we looked at this home, Jeremiah has called it the "White House".  The name has kind of stuck...

Only by His grace,